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When Kaz was trying to climb Scimitar Summit by way of the Kertauk Pass in order to aid Raimusa against an incoming Pyrithion, Tom and the others must tried to find a way to help him make it through the lethal shortcut. Unfortunately, nobody had a scan of Scimitar Summit. Elliot, however, had many so-called "quality" scans of the pass. When an attempted trade failed, a little goading from Sarah forced Elliot to battle Tom to prove his scans were all that they were cracked up to be. Tom had a team made up of capable flying creatures, since Tom needed to be able to scope out the shortcuts fast to help Kaz. Unfortunately, Elliot was more focused on winning and proving that his scans were quality than aiding Tom (evidenced by when he tricked Tom/Drakness into believing that one of the tunnels Kaz had to take led to a pit of acid ice, allowing his Ulmar to beat Drakness, and revealing at the end that both tunnels were safe.) As the match went on, Elliot began beating Tom, and eventually Elliot won, though Tom managed to find all of the safe shortcuts in time for Kaz to save Raimusa.

Personality and Behaviour

Elliot comes off as the traditional super-arrogant nerd that everybody would like to see put in their place.


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