Equinox was a design manager for the online game.



I resisted it for some time, but I finally have my moderator tag.

You see, it all started about 3 years ago, when I met the TC Digital crew and got introduced to Chaotic. They told me they had this great new game, and they asked me to help them work on it. Well, I love a good trading card game, so I jumped in with both feet. The game has evolved a lot since those early days and it’s hard to believe how far we have come. I had the chance to work on the original Dawn of Perim designs (I designed most of the attack cards) and also helped out on Zenith and Silent Sands. One of the best things about my job is that I get to tell people “I design monsters for a living”.

My main job today is to focus on making the online experience the best it can be. The new website and new unity client are just the beginning. I spend a lot of my day reading and reviewing your ideas. I play a lot of Chaotic, both online and offline (well mostly I just lose to Darthor, Majesk and Cykilk). I also have the chance to watch both experienced and new players interact with the Chaotic online sites. With all this information, I can help design the requirements for the website and game pad so that our engineers know what to do. So keep posting your ideas for the website and online game. We won’t be able to do all of it right away, but we are listening to your feedback.

I also get to work directly with the game design team in coming up with and testing the new card Sets. I try to bring a casual perspective to the team so that the designs don’t get too complicated. Basically I get to tell the other designers that they are crazy!

Anyway thanks for reading my bio and I hope to play you online sometime.



Players who have bested me in combat (starting April 1st, 2009):
Solstice (3v3 Apprentice) - April 1, 2009
Ironkid038 (3v3 Apprentice) - April 2, 2009
PCShark11 (3v3 Apprentice) - April 2, 2009
Natan12 (3v3 Apprentice) - April 8, 2009
sm00thie1 (6v6 Apprentice) - Apirl 20, 2009
brandon712 (6v6 Apprentice) - Apirl 20, 2009
BuzzerJr (6v6 Apprentice) - April 21, 2009
Buddy131 (6v6 Apprentice) - April 22, 2009
Pheanix85 (6v6 Apprentice) - April 24, 2009
Kyuubi211 (6v6 Apprentice) - April 27, 2009
Virutalkid (1v1 Apprentice) - April 29, 2009
Kyuubi211 (3v3 Apprentice) - April 30, 2009
Jeffid (6v6 Apprentice) - May 5, 2009


  • Equinox kept a log of players who beat him in his introduction.
  • "Equinox is such a Danian fan we joke around the office that he should be Equinox|Assimilated." - Majesk


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