Everrain is a Underworld location

Local Features

Everrain is located in the UnderWorld, directly beneath Lake Ken-i-po. The lake waters constantly drip down into this cavernous space. There are plenty of puddles, along with huge weedy plants and ferns. The Skeletal Skreeth makes his home here.

Background Information

One of the few green spots in the UnderWorld, Everrain was nearly wiped out when a breach opened up in a rock wall and molten magma began pouring into the space from a lava tube. Thankfully, Borth-Majar was passing through Everrain when the catastrophe struck. Mighty in both mind and muscle, Borth-Majar made some quick calculations and then stopped up the gap using a massive stalactite. Everrain and its unique ecosystem were saved, earning Borth-Majar the gratitude of many in the UnderWorld.


This is one of the few green and pretty locations in the Underworld

Card Text

Initiative: Stat Courage Courage

Element water Water attacks deal an additional 5 damage.

Damage dealt by Element earthEarth attacks is reduced by 5

Lake Ken-I-Po seeps through the UnderWorld ceiling in an unending reminder of the OverWorld's aqueous bounty.


Always dripping, Everrain is favorable territory for Water Attacks, while Earth Attacks are weaker.

Basic Stats

Card ID 124
Card Type Location


Location Initative Courage


In the Show

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See Also

Skeletal Skreeth


Lake Ken-i-po

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