Eye of Maelstrom is a Overworld location

Local Features

This ever-swirling storm is not far from the dismal Gloomuck Swamp. It looms above a barren, craggy, wind-lashed plain. A huge rock formation, shaped like a hand, juts up toward the Eye of the Maelstrom. This is where the Muges of Perim go to sacrifice their Mugic to appease the Maelstrom.

Background Information

Every five thousand years, a Muge from one of the Tribes creates a new Mugic and carries it to the Eye of the Maelstrom. There, the Mugic is swallowed up into the Eye of the Maelstrom. Some believe the Eye may be a kind of portal connecting Perim and the Cothica and that this ritual must be held or all the Mugic in Perim will lose its power. Others say the ritual is meaningless and based on age-old superstitions. But no one has yet dared to violate the practice.


When it comes to Mugic, the Eye of the Maelstrom is a hungry eye. It can never have enough!

Card Text

Initiative: Stat Power Power

Eye of the Maelstrom becomes the active Location, both players discard 1 Mugic Card.

No wind, no sound – just madness.

Basic Stats

Card ID 125
Card Type Location


Location Initative Power


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