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Tom tags along with Kaz hoping to get a new scan of his hero, the mighty Maxxor. Their quest takes the two friends across Perim, where they're caught in the crossfire of a volcanic battle, then brave a treacherous trip through the ghastly Gloomuck Swamp. As Tom and Kaz close in on their goal, they are shocked to learn that the greatest peril they face is Maxxor himself!


Maxxor searches in the Forest of Life for Intress and finds her tied to a tree.  Intress reveals Maxxor was lured here as Van Bloot uses a Mugic on Maxxor.  The Mugic seems to have no effect.  Maxxor scared Van Bloot away, but sees Intress as a monster.

In Chaotic, Kaz feels sad that Tom hasn't been around recently.  Kaz finds Tom in school playing against a girl, and is angry at Tom for not going to Chaotic.  Tom states he's never going back as he still has his prized Maxxor card on Earth (which is a card he lost in Chaotic in Castle Bodhran or Bust, Part 1).  Kaz decides to help Tom find Maxxor in Perim , so they both port to Kiru City with no luck.  Tom and Kaz go to see Bodal (who hates Tom for "scamming" which Tom never did).  After his babbling, Bodal reveals that Maxxor is on a secret mission with Intress.  Tom and Kaz go to the Passage where Intress sometimes has guard duty.  They find Zalic fighting Spyder, who nearly kills Zalic.  After Tom and Kaz save Zalic, Tom scans him for his memories of Intress.  Sadly, Tom and Kaz don't know people are watching the "bore-a-thon" including Klay and Krystella who wonder what's going on.  In Zalic's memory, Tom sees Intress telling Zalic she will be in the Gloomuck Swamp.  Tom and Kaz port there, then spot a bird-like tree that Tom recognizes.

Inside, Maxxor tries to find a cure for the mugic while Intress guards the door.  Intress cannot smell the mucked up Tom and Kaz, and they are able to get past her.  When they find Maxxor, he sees them as monsters and attacks them.  Intress saves them in time.  Maxxor gives Tom a new scan, but Tom does not know of Maxxor's illness.  After the scan, Intress asks Tom and Kaz into keeping Maxxor's location a secret.

Maxxor decides to go in hiding for his people.

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  • When the "bore-a-thon" is taking place, Kaz refers to Intress as "She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named," he makes an obvious allusion to Lord Voldemort.

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