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Flux Bauble is a Battlegear Card.


Flux Bauble

Flux Bauble

Flux-Bauble PROMO
Card Information
Card Number Dawn of Perim-141/232
Card Type Bgr Battlegear Card
Rarity {{text-Rare Rare}}
Televisual Information

Card Text

At the beginning of combat, look at the top two cards of your Location Deck. Put one of them on top of that deck and the other on the bottom.


Long ago, an ancient UnderWorlder named Brrug discovered a strange, round gemstone in a cave near Jagged Pillar. To Brrug's amazement, a fantastic force inside the stone started swirling when he picked it up and he was instantly transported to the middle of the Pouril Forest! This was the first recorded "flux" in Perim history. Later, Creatures discovered similar gemstones and discovered that the Energy of a Creature can activate the fluxing process. Thus the Flux Bauble was born. The remarkable Flux Bauble allows Creatures to rearrange the Locations where they battle. This Battlegear is extremely useful when a Creature is in unfriendly territory and is desperate to get on the move.

The Card

Flux-Bauble PROMO

In the Show

Card Owners

  • Clay
  • Peyton


  • Episode 8 - Everything is in a Flux


The loctions seen in the artwork are Castle Bodhran, Mipedian Oasis, Lava Pond, Ravanaugh Ridge, Glacier Plains and Fear Valley.

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