Forest of Life
Forest of Life card
Card Information
Card Number Dawn of Perim-213
Card Type Loc Location
Rarity Common
Artist Rudy D. Nebres & David Curiel
Geo-political Information
Resides in OverWorld
Televisual Information


Forest of Life

During Aichlyys

Forest of Life - DA card
Card Information
Card Number Silent Sands-92
Card Type Loc Location
Rarity Uncommon Uncommon
Geo-political Information
Televisual Information


"quote text"
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Background Information


Appearance and Scenery

Notable Inhabitants

  • Dractyl
  • Psimion
  • Ikkatosh

Card Information


At the beginning of combat, the engaged Creature with the highest power gains 5 Energy. (If both Creatures have the same Power, there is no effect.)
A place of perpetuity: nothing is born or perishes within.
All Creatures are immune to all Invisibility abilities.
'On those rare nights when the triad stars of Lup, Lec and Teo shine above the forest, all secrets are brought to light.'


Release and Promotion

TV Show


  • Crash Course
  • Worlds Apart
  • The Thing About Bodal
  • Shifting Sands
  • Scavenger Scans
  • A Fearsome Fate
  • Stelgar Strikes
  • The Codemaster Chronicles Part 1
  • Trading Cards
  • When a Codemaster Calls

Cards and Scans

  • Tom
  • Kaz
  • Peyton
  • Agro999
  • Tarterecker


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―attribution, episode



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