""I won't leave you!""
―Frafdo, Last Stand (Part One)

Frafdo, The Hero is an OverWorld Creature and the upgrded form of Frafdo

Creature Information

Frafdo The Hero is Frafdo's second incarnation, which he trained to became during the second opening of the doors.


He appears is much like his old self. White feathers and green eyes. He also is still wearing the Evergreen Tunic.

The Card

Stats and Card text

Stat Courage Courage :
50 (40–60)
Stat Power Power :
70 (60–80)
Stat Wisdom Wisdom :
90 (80–100)
Stat Speed Speed :
85 (75–95)
Energy :
55 (50–60)
While you control no other Creatures , Frafdo has an additional 45 Energy.
"Thirty against one? It hardly seems fair . . . for you!" -- Frafdo



TV Show

Card Owners

Creature Appearances

  1. Triple Threat
  2. Last Stand Parts 1 & 2'
  3. Legions of Aa'une
  4. Son of the Spiritlands

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  • use it on a 1vs1 deck to gain the boost of 45 energy and equip it with an battlegear that gives element or more energy
    • Destructazooka is a good choice.

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