"Hit 'em with a Freeze Flash, Junior! A Freeze Flash!"
―Buzz Sr, The Floundering Father

Freeze Flash is an Attack card for the Chaotic Trading Card set, Zenith of the Hive. Through Elemental energy, Freeze Flash may both damage and slow opponents.


Freeze Flash has a Build Cost of 2 and deals no Base Damage. Attackers with Air or Earth Elemental Type will deal 10 damage for each Element, whereas Water Elemental Type will slow the opponent.

Background Information

The OverWorld Elementalist Crawsectus first conceived the Freeze Flash Attack. Since then, many other Creatures with Elemental skills have adopted it, and the Danians have become especially fond of this Attack. Freeze Flash generates a fierce explosion of Elemental energy, centered around the attacker. This will send out a wave of freezing Air and rock debris, which damages anyone nearby but leaves the attacker unharmed.

Card Information

Basic Stats

Build Points : 2
Base Damage : 0
Fire Damage :
Air Damage : 10
Earth Damage : 10
Water Damage : 0


Element waterWater: Opposing engaged Creature loses 25 Speed.

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