Short Summary

An unusual UnderWorld Creature named Phelphor is found frozen inside Ice Pillar by UnderWorlders Khybon and Jiggorex. Sarah and Kaz barely escape after obtaining Phelphor's scan. Upon hearing about Khybon and Jiggorex taking Phelphor to Chaor's castle, Peyton and Kaz head there while Tom and Sarah take Phelphor on a test drive. Kaz and Peyton navigate Chaor's castle while evading Spyder. During a drome match against Tom's Thonder, Sarah discovers Phelphor's other form with other abilities. Chaor, Agitos, and Takinom are amazed by his tale of a long lost Tribe known as the M’arrillians and their discovery of the Cothica which they hold behind the Doors of the Deep Mines. As for Sarah, she discovers another part of Phelphor that causes Tom's Thonder to fall under it's control and code itself.

Cast and Crew

  • Marc Thompson - Peyton, Chaor, Khybon
  • Greg Carey - Phelphor
  • Dan Green - Thonder, Vile
  • Mike Pollock - Agitos, Spyder
  • Kayzie Rogers - Takinom
  • Rebecca Soler - Sarah
  • Jason Griffin - Tom, Jiggorex
  • Darren Dunsten - Kaz, Guard

Episode Notes

Airdates and Ratings



The way Phelphor's tale began shows similarity to the Greek Mythology, and the way the Roman empire was during the ancient times of Greece or Italy.

Discontinuity, Goofs, Plot Holes and Errors

This episode has shown alot of Cartoony, and ways Scooby Doo scrambled during the scene with Peyton, Kaz, and Spyder, in which shows that similarity.

Allusions, References and Appearances

This marked the first time the M'arrillians were mentioned, and where ever to appear in the show courtesy of Phelphor.


This continued the wars between the M'arrillians, and the other tribes later on in the series, and revealed Phelphor lied about he Cothica just so he could free the M'arrillians his masters, and start their conquest.



Chaor: "the Underworlder's had posted a guard at the doors of the Deep Mines, nobody knows why, but it was the only thing we ever agreed on, maybe they did exist?, maybe they stil are?, Who Cares?, who ever locked them up, locked them up tight!"



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