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Phelphor has revealed that the lost Tribe known as the M’arrillians are lurking behind the Doors of the Deep Mines, along with Perim’s greatest treasure -- the Cothica! Phelphor reveals that he is a M'arrillian and claims that the Cothica should be shared. After being branded a traitor by the M'arrillians and wanted to join the UnderWorlders, Phelphor ended up frozen in Ice Pillar as he explains to Chaor. Chaor mentions that he will discuss this with Agitos and Takinom. As Kaz and Peyton make a risky port out to evade Spyder and the UnderWorld Guards, Phelphor uses his mind control to have Khybon contact Lord Van Bloot so that he can unlock the Doors of the Deep Mines. Tom, Kaz, Sarah, and Peyton try to see in a Chaotic battle if what Phelphor is telling is true. Phelphor uses his mind control in an attempt to take control of Chaor which fails. Though he takes control of the guards to take down Chaor so that he can read Chaor's mind. Phelphor escapes as Chaor recovers and learns that Lord Van Bloot is leading his army to the Doors of the Deepmines. Tom mentions that he has mentioned this to Maxxor. Chaor and Takinom get into conflict with Lord Van Bloot, Atrapol, and Lord Van Bloot's army until Chaor's army arrives. Chaor tells Takinom to take command while he goes after Phelphor. Phelphor mind controls the guards to open the Doors of the Deep Mines. Chaor arrives and attempts to stop Phelphor only to get knocked out when Phelphor causes his Mowercycle to crash. Unable to do anything Tom and Kaz watch as the brainwashed guards open the Doors of the Deep Mines letting out a flood of murky brown water, washing away everything in it's path. Releasing the long lost tribe and Perim's long forgotten enemies, the M'arrillians! Tom, Kaz, Peyton and Sarah scan the door right when it opens. Part of the Underworld is flooded. Could Chaor have been killed?

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This is one of the first appearances of the M'arrillians.

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