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Mugic Origins

Background Information

The legendary Frozen Fire can only be found in the coldest regions of Glacier Plains. Here, it appears as if the ice once inexplicably caught fire and exploded into a sea of flame, only to have been frozen over again by the icy, unrelenting winds of Glacier Plains. Explorers sometimes stumble upon these fields of frozen blue flame. Aggroar lives in this magnificent area of Perim. He dutifully gaurds the Frozen Fire and records the strange Mugical phenomena that surround it for Najarin and Maxxor. He performs both these tasks with great care.


Appearance and Scenery

Notable Inhabitants

Card Information


Initiative: Wisdom
When a Creature gains or loses a Mugic counter, Frozen Fire deals 5 damage to it.
The ocean of flames chills as it burns.


Release and Promotion

TV Show


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