Galin is a Danian Creature.

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Similar to other mandiblors, Galin may be confused for Lhad as both have similar green markings on their limbs.

The Card

Stat Courage Courage :
65 (55–75)
Stat Power Power :
70 (60–80)
Stat Wisdom Wisdom :
40 (30–50)
Stat Speed Speed :
65 (55–75)
Energy :
50 (45–55)
Hive : Galin has an additional 10 Speed for each Mandiblor you control and each Infected Creature in play
'Galin believes he can speak with his Danian ancestors, who have yet to tell him anything of much use.'

In the Show


# Episode Used in BattleDrome? Appearance in Perim?
22 ChaotiKings Yes No
48 Mega Match No Yes


  • ChaotiKings
  Episode 22, Season 1
  • Mega Match 
  Episode 8, Season 2

Card Owners

  • RJ, from the Chaotikings
  • Tom (Mega Match)

Character History


In the episode "Buggin' Out" Peyton devises a plan to get past the guards of Mount Pillar, and when he, Tom and Kaz are hiding, a danian who looks like a smaller version of Galin says "Hi, Peyton!" (However another theroy is that this is Nimmei [Speculation Only])

Though modern Danians have lots of connections to the discard pile, Galin was the first one to mention it in his flavour text.

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