Gauntlets of Might


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Card Information
Card Number Dawn of Perim-142/232
Card Type Bgr BattleGear
Rarity {{text-Common}}
Artist Edwin T. Nebres
Televisual Information


Gauntlets of Might are used throughout Perim by Creatures of all known Tribes. They are especially popular with UnderWorlders, who attach great importance to physical strength. The Gauntlets manufactured by Khybon at his forge are famous for their durability and power. Chaor once wore a pair of Gauntlets and defeated the powerful Tharax in the UnderWorld Colosseum at the start of his reign. He keeps the Gauntlets on display in his palace. Even weaker Creatures can become powerhouses when equipped with the Gauntlets of Might. These two metallic gloves magnify a Creature's strength. The Gauntlets are great Battlegear to have on hand when a Creature needs some extra muscle.

The Card

When you have an extra 25 Stat PowerPower,I'll say its a good card,+ Its common.

In the Show

Card Owners

Tom Majors

This BattleGear allowed Tom to beat Cromaxx, momentarily

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Gaumtlets of Might.aspx

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