Local Features

This massive temple is believed to have been built by a race of giant Creatures that vanished in the remote past. OverWorlders often visit Gigantempopolis because of the valuable treasures and many Mugicians found there. 

Background Information

Laarina discovered Gigantempopolis after traveling through the Forest of Life. Entering the humongous temple, she found many valuable artifacts. As she continued her explorations, Laarina became convinced that the giants who built Gigantempoplis knew how to tap in directly into the Cothica’s power. She made the temple her base and dedicated much of her time to unlocking its secrets. Her extensive knowledge of Gigantempopolis makes Laarina the perfect guide to this striking structure.


The builders of Gigantempopolis must have been kind to OverWorld Mugicians for many dwell there still.

Basic Stats

Card ID 128
Card Type Location
Rarity Unknown
Location Initative Power