Glacier Plains is an OverWorld location

Background Information

There are many ancient beasts frozen in the ice of Glacier Plains. Most are mere skeletons, but a few have remained preserved in the ice exactly as they were a thousand millennia ago. There is a story that one of these beasts was actually thawed out and brought back to life during a skirmish between Blügon and Grook. One version of the story says that the beast was revived by a stray Power Pulse that exploded into the ice; another says it was a Torrent of Flame that melted the beast free.

Local Features

The far northeast of the OverWorld is locked in permanent winter. Though one of the coldest parts of Perim, Glacier Plains has seen many battles. It’s an unfriendly place for UnderWorlders, who need an extra Mugician to cast their Tribal Mugic there.


A frozen wilderness of ice and snow, Glacier Plains is a chilling Location in which to do battle.

Basic Stats

Card ID 129
Card Type Location
Rarity Super Rare
Location Initative Power

Card Owners


Glacier Plains is the first location MajorTom battled on.