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Location Origins

None known so far.


Appearance and Scenery

Gloomuck Swamp is a horrid smelling, mus infested swampland. One good description Kaz gave the swamp was "mucky and yucky." Gloomuck Swamp has a bird-like tree that Maxxor and Intress use as a hideout. The only other people who know about this location are Tom, Kaz, and Zalic.

Notable Inhabitants

A giant worm monster made of Gas resides in the Gloomuck Swamp. At one point it attacked Tom and Kaz.

Card Information


Initave:Stat CourageCourage

Element earthEarth attacks deal an additional 5 damage. Damage dealt byElement fireFire attacks is reduced by 5.

'For very different reasons bot Crawsectus and Antidaeon choose to call this murky mess home'


  • Always use earth attacks here,even if you don't have the earth element because you will do at least 5 damage.

Release and Promotion

TV Show

Gloomuck Swamp made it's debut in the episode Fallen Hero, when Tom and Kaz were looking for a scan of Maxxor and found that he was in a bird-like tree that lies near the swamp.


Cards and Scans


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