Character Origins

Glost was summoned by conjurors alongside Blazvataan and Kileron to repel the Ma'rillians at Ra'po Sahkk.


A mipedian warbeast, Glost and Kileron are the two warbeasts that are not reptiles. Glost resembles a giant, purple fox. She is the first mipedian to be a mammal.

Background Information

Summoned by Conjurors, Glost was created along with Blazvataan and Kileron to drive the Ma'rillians from Ra'po Sahkk.

Personality and Behaviour

Possibly mallicious due to its power.


Affiliations, Loyalties and Allies

Glost has been summoned by, and has served under; Drimesse, Fivarth, and Appelai. She appears to work best with and at times is even affectionate and protective towards Appelai.


Ma'rillians, all enemies of his current master, and enimies of the Mipedian tribe. She and Kileron do not appear to get along well either.

Card Details

Basic Stats

Stat Courage Courage :
Stat Power Power :
Stat Wisdom Wisdom :
Stat Speed Speed :
Energy :


Glost gains 5 energy, Earth 5, and Air 5 for each conjurer in your discard pile.
If more warbeasts are our only hope for survival then I fear for our future!


  • Use Drimesse and waste him by using all of his mugic counters make sure you have other conjourers!
  • Simply use stone mail to forget all troubles
  • Put Glost inthe second back row beside Gaffat-ra, in the last row have Appelia with a ravita flower and fill the front row/s with other conjurors and get them wasted. Glost gets buffed up, Appelia is protected by Gaffat-ra's ability; Defender:Conjuror. just put lots of Wind & Earth combination attacks and you should be pretty good.
  • Have all conjururs and Glost. Glost becomes almost unstoppable and is protected by conjururs in front of him if you equip them with hunter's lures. Waste all conjururs exept for one behind Glost that can take away all recklessness.