Gnarlus is a Mipedian Warrior previewed as part of Silent Sands.

Character OriginsEdit

As both a Warrior and one of the Mipedian Warpainters, Gnarlus aid the Conjurors of Indigo Grove

Name OriginEdit

Gnar fron gnarled meaning

  1. (of trees) full of or covered with gnarls; bent; twisted. (referencing to indigo grove?)
  2. having a rugged, weather-beaten appearance
  3. crabby cantankerous.

Appearance Edit

Gnarlus is sort of fat for a Mipedian warrior and has strange purple markings on his green skin smiler to Maxxor

Background InformationEdit

Gnarlus belongs to a group of fighters know as the Mipedian Warpainters, who are charged with protecting the Conjurors. The Warpainters empower themselves and others by tapping into the Mugical powers of the indigo plants harvested at Indigo Grove. By cooperating the Warpainters and Conjurors realize immense power. Gnarlus and his fellow Warpainters have used the mystical indigo to give this additional strength and might to their allies and decorate the catacombs. As their name describes the Warpainters are fierce and frighting in battle, and Gnarlus is no exception. Foes of the Mipedians are wise to avoid Gnarlus and his fellow Warpainters at all costs.

Affiliations, Loyalties and AlliesEdit

Allied With

  1. Mipedians
  2. -Warpainters
  3. -Conjurors

Card InformationEdit

Basic StatsEdit

Chaotic has a variable stats system, these figures are the official basic stats from the Chaotic website and may not reflect cards or scannables from the TV show or real life.

Stat Courage Courage :
50 (40–60)
Stat Power Power :
30 (20–40)
Stat Wisdom Wisdom :
30 (20–40)
Stat Speed Speed :
65 (55–75)
Energy :
45 (40–50)


Damage which would be dealt to Gnarlus by Mugic deals 0 damage instead.

Mug-mMug-m: Until end of turn, damage which would be dealt to target Creture by mugic deals 0 damage instead.


The Animated SeriesEdit


# Episode Used in BattleDrome? Appearance in Perim?
52 From the Deep (Part One) Yes No
65 Last Stand (Part One) No Yes
66 Last Stand (Part Two) No Yes
67 Legions of Aa'une‏‏ No Yes
79 Son of the Spiritlands No Yes



Gnarlus TV

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