"Gothos Tower, home of the terrible, terrifying Lord Van Bloot! Overworlders Beware!"
―Kaz, Curse of Kor-Bek


Local Features

Gothos Towers is the harrowing home of Lord Van Bloot. Its stone walls are coloured pitch-black and sounds of a playing organ floats out of the stained-glass windows. Lord Van Bloot resides in Gothos Tower and is granted absolute Power in this location. Knowing every crack, corridor, wall, door in his dark gloomy house, Lord Van Bloot is granted Invisibility to deal extra damage or to frighten his opponents more.

All Creatures that aren't Lord Van Bloot shouldn't come near this place as they will lose Courage allowing the Invisible Lord Van Bloot to reach out and show them their doom.

Background Information

Lord Van Bloot can often be found in his private chamber at the pinnacle of Gothos Tower. There he schemes round-the-clock, desperately searching for some way to overthrow Chaor and seize control of the UnderWorld. Van Bloot has a special viewer in his chamber which he uses to spy on his enemies. He once lured Chaor to his tower, hoping to destroy the UnderWorld ruler. Things did not quite work out as planned. No matter. Van Bloot continues plotting ....


Lord Van Bloot, the menacing master of Gothos Tower, has all the advantage in his sinister lair.

Basic Stats

Card ID 131
Card Type Location
Rarity Rare

Location Initative


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