For the Danian version, see: Hammerdoom Chantcaller, Assimilated.

Character Origins

Very little is known about the Hammerdoom Chantcaller, except that his sole purpose in life appears to be to smash Danians with his hammer.


As he was unassimilated short in the tv show has goggles looks like some people would describe as a little grey goblin with a green cape, bronze chainmail, leather boots, green pants and green teeth.

Although Hammerdoom Chantcaller only stands four feet tall, he still packs quite a punch. He always wears his trademark high-collar, iron-reinforced robe and carries the Doomhammer – from which his name derives -- strapped to his back.

Background Information

Hammerdoom Chantcaller is a legendary Warrior among the UnderWorld Tribe … and among the Danians. He wages a relentless war against the Danians, part of his personal crusade to rid the UnderWorld of the Danian threat one by one. He often jokes that the Danians will check under their nest before going to sleep, claiming he is the subject of the Danian bedtime story “the Scout who cried Hammerdoom.” Even for the most confident of Warriors, however, it is a mistake to underestimate the call of the Hive …

Personality and Behavior

He seems to have a calm demeanor unless someone refers to his size, then he gets angry and challenges the offender to a coliseum match. His size is 4 feet. He weighs about 345 lbs. He likes Underworld Colosseum and Mount Pillar.


Affiliations, Loyalties and Allies


All Danian creatures. Anyone who calls him short. KidChaor.

Card Details

Attack cards played By Hammerdoom Chantcaller deal an additional 5 damage to Daninan creatures. If hive is active, Attack cards played by Hammerdoom Chantcaller deal an additional 5 damage to Underworld creatures instead. Unique

Basic Stats

Stat Courage Courage :
Stat Power Power :
Stat Wisdom Wisdom :
Stat Speed Speed :
Energy :




Release and Promotion

TV Show


# Episode Used in BattleDrome? Appearance in Perim?
44 Colosseum Showdown No Yes
57 Putting the Muge in Mugic Yes No
68 Perithon! No Yes


  1. Colosseum Showdown
  1. Perithon! (Assimilated version )

Cards and Scans

  1. Kaz


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Hammerdoom Show


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