Heptadd's Crown is a Battlegear Card.


Heptadd's Crown is a Rare Battlegear released in the Silent Sands expansion. It allows the equipped Creature to play Mugic of any tribe, but the equipped Creature must take ten damage each time it plays a Mugic or ability. It also must be revealed at the beginning of the game, allowing its ability to take effect whenever it is needed. Because Heptadd is from the Spiritlands like Tangath Toborn and Vitog, this Battlegear acts as his talisar, an anchor to Perim. Without it, Heptadd would not be able to remain outside the Spiritlands.

This Battlegear is especially useful when paired with M'arrillian Fluidmorphers due to the large number of Mugic Counters they are likely to gain in any given match and the low costs (one to three) of non-M'arrillian Mugics. In the right hands a single Fluidmorpher with Heptadd's Crown could cover a player's entire Mugic needs in a battle.


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