Leon (HercuLeon)
Biograhpical Information
Code Name Hercu-Leon
Age 13 - 19
Gender Male
Loyalty Overworlders
Enemy Underworld Players and Underworlders
Televisual Information
First appearance Over Under Rent Asunder


Leon is a Chaotic player who battles only using Overworlders. He is notorious for being a long-standing undefeated Chaotic player. He remained undefeated until losing to Kaz in a close battle.


Leon's Chaotic user name is Hercu-Leon. Leon once overheard Kaz talking about how great Underworlders are. This made him angry. The pair shared some insults and quickly decided to settle their argument with a Chaotic Battle. Kaz put up a good fight but Leon managed to pull out a win.

Later Leon was once again challanged by Kaz to a match, this time using creatures he had scanned while in Perim's past. While still able to put up a good fight, Leon lost his second match to Kaz.


Leon is quite prideful in his faith in Overworlders, and he specifically loves to trample on Underworld decks and users of Underworld decks. He gets especially angry when he hears anyone insult an Overworlder Deck. However, he does appreciate skilled Underworlder users, such as Kaz, who was very close to beating him many times.


==Deck Overworld






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