Million of years ago, Perim didn't have heroic Creatures and very few existed. However, Heroic Prehistoric Creature is one of these Creatures. He help TomPeyton and Kaz by battling the predatory creature, he did this out of rivalry.
Heroic Prehistoric Creature


A 11-foot tall bipedal humanoid Triceratop-like creature with
Heroic Prehistoric Creature face

Heroic Prehistoric Creature face

white fur all over it's body. Except it's head, ears, hands and tail. Very muscular and heavy, sharp teeth, three fingers and Ceratopsian-like legs. 


Brave, strong, tough and williful, battling anyone that will harm small harmless creatures or protecting his territory. His rival is the Lone Prehistoric Creature.

Lone Creature vs Heroic Creature

Lone Creature vs Heroic Creature

Heroic Prehistoric Creature death

Heroic Prehistoric Creature death


  • It's the first creatures to display heroism.
  • He possessed Earth and Fire Attacks.
  • His kind most likely be based on herbivore dinosaurs and making him a herbivore.
  • Hinting he and his kind are the descendants of the Overworlders.

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