HotShot is a fictional character on the Chaotic TV Series.


HotShot is a regular human teenager. He has red hair and red-brown eyes. He wears an orange shirt, black jeans and tennis shoes.

Character History

HotShot is considered to be a very good Chaotic Player. He is known for his distaste for the UnderWorld Tribe. He frequently challenges UnderWorld players in order to defeat them soundly. Due to the UnderWorlders' choice to use mainly Fire Attacks, he does the same with OverWorlders, Mipedians,  and Danians, in order to make an ironic statement.

In the Show

HotShot has only appeared in the episode Fire Fighters.








HotShot makes his first and only appearance in this episode. He challenges Kaz to a battle. Despite Kaz bringing him down to his last creature, he is able to win. He claims the match could have gone either way.


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