Hotekk's Challenge is a two-part Chaotic: Secrets of the Lost City episode.

Hotekk's Challenge
Episode Information
Season 3
Official Episode # 4
Original Airdate November 28, 2009
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Kickin' Bot Hotekk's Challenge Part Two
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Codemaster Hotekk challenges Tom to a Codemaster match. Kaz, Peyton, and Sarah are shocked to discover that Tom is using some weak creatures in his deck alongside Maxxor. Though it turns out that Tom had scanned them when they were getting their abilities enhanced.


Featured Characters


Cast and Crew

Jason Griffith - Tom Majors

Darren Dunstan - Kaz Kalinkas

Rebecca Soler - Sarah

Marc Thompson - Peyton

Eli Jay - Codemaster Hotekk

Episode Notes

Airdates and Ratings


Discontinuity, Goofs, Plot Holes and Errors

Allusions, References and Appearances

Sarah does not have lipstick while at Mount Pillar.






  • The only battles won by Codemaster Hotekk against Tom were using Kkraa and Ixxik - in his battles involving Neerig, Xulvux, Rav and Og, Tom always won:
    • Ixxik vs Maxxor
    • Neerig vs Mommark
    • Rav vs Wrenges
    • Kkraa vs Wrenges
    • Xulvux vs Mommark
    • Ixxik vs Mommark
    • Kkraa vs Hoton
    • Kkraa vs Ikkatosh
    • Ixxik vs Ikkatosh
    • Ixxik vs Owis
    • Og vs Owis

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