"Rebuild... I must rebuild."
―Hoton, Allmageadon

Hoton is an OverWorld Strategist.

Character Origins


Hoton is an overgrown owl-like creature with brown feathers.

Background Information

Hoton was once the leader of a small village near Castle Mommark. After his village was destroyed by UnderWorld raiders, he scoured the four corners of Perim to find a way to protect his home. He finally found it in the secret knowledge of the super-powerful attack, "Allmaggedon". Hoton returned to his people, confident in his new-found abilities. When the raiders returned, Hoton unleashed his new attack. He won the battle, but the power of Allmaggedon destroyed his villlage as well. Now Hoton spends his days trying to rebuild his home, barely pausing to eat or rest. Tom mentioned that Vidav was using Mugic to help restore Hoton to his old self.

Personality and Behavior

Before Hoton found his new ability, he was a happy OverWorld in his village. He was friends with Vidav and younger Overworld children. After the Allmagedeon incident, he has grown weak and sad, trying to rebuild his village. Hoton later somehow burns himself out by using Allmagedeon too much changing most of his body red. Hoton can no longer use any strong attacks and can only use very weak attacks like Feather Storm which does little to no damage.


He has special connections to Vidav, who appears to help Hoton in every way he can.

Affiliations, Loyalties and Allies

Hoton's Loyalty is to his village and everyone living there.


Hoton's enemies are the Underworld Raiders who attacked his village.

Card Details

Basic Stats

Stat Courage Courage :
70 (60–80)
Stat Power Power :
85 (75–95)
Stat Wisdom Wisdom :
120 (110–130)
Stat Speed Speed :
95 (85–105)
Energy :
95 (90–100)



Stat Wisdom Wisdom 5

Strategies Hoton is not a very mighty card, however he boasts in the fact he can gain wisdom, for every adjacent Overworlder due to his support ability.

Release and Promotion

This card was released as a "Beyond Rare" virtual card, as part of a promotion. It was said that these cards would never be re-released again.

TV Show


# Episode Used in BattleDrome? Appearance in Perim?
18 Allmageddon (episode) Yes Yes
48 Mega Match Yes No
71 Hotekk's Challenge Yes Yes


Hoton had the ability to use a very powerful Allmageddon, while in reality, Hoton has no elements and could only use Allmageddon as a weak attack. If it were in the card game, Allmageddon from Hoton would deal only 10 damage, compared to the potential 50 damage that it can cause.
Tom had scanned a newly re-energized Hoton, which he used in his match against Codemaster Hotekk. Much to the surprise of both his friends, and the CodeMaster himself.

Cards and Scans


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  • Althought Hoton lacks of dominion of the elements, in the show, his Allmagedon attack has enoguh power to destroy an little army and his entire village.
  • It stated by Tom in Hotekk's Challenge that Vidav has been using mugic to help Hoton regain his health.





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