―Iflar, "Legions of Aa'une"

Character Origins

Iflar is the Crown Prince, and thus next in line for the throne. His reclusive father, the king, is the ruler of the Mipedians, though Iflar rules in his stead most of the time. He is the cousin of Prince Mudeenu.


Iflar is a Mipedian Royal that resembles a lizard with green cloak and a loincloth. It seems as if Iflar is one of the very few white Mipedians, exuding calm and collectedness.

Background Information

Personality and Behaviour

Iflar treats his allies and palace peers with great respect. The few who have met him say he is very kind, and doesn't act prideful over his royalty. Unlike his cousin, he has demonstrated honorable, serious, and upstanding traits, earning his right as crown prince. Iflar appears to be an extremely competent and confident fighter, his card art depicting him facing down several M'arrilian Fluidmorphs alone, calm, and unafraid, thought it is to be noted he has very low stamina.


Affiliations, Loyalties and Allies

Iflar is loyal to the Mipedians and can not enter armies with other tribes.


Card Details



1 mugic counter

Stat Courage Courage :
Stat Power Power :
Stat Wisdom Wisdom :
Stat Speed Speed :
Energy :



  • The attack "Before the Storm" is extremely useful with Iflar.
  • His base disciplines besides speed are rather low so it is suggested to use wind based attacks as they usually include speed challenges/checks

Release and Promotion

TV Show


Cards and Scans


"quote text"
―attribution, episode




  • Iflar is one of only two of the tribal leaders who was not released in the first Chaotc starter Dawn of Perim. He was, however, released later in the pack Turn of the Tides.

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