"Now you will join us!"
―Illexia to Kolmo, Big Time

Illexia is a Danian Creature, and was the previous leader and Queen of the Danians. She is so highly revered and respected, that any Danian creature would be willing to give up their lives just to save her.


She, like most of the Danian nobles, possess 4 arms and 4 legs. Her abdomen is very big. Her skin is colored in gold and brown shades with bluish "clothes".


Illexia was the mighty Danian queen and the mother of the hive. During her reign she was always guarded by loyal Danian guards. Most of the time she was located in the queen's chamber, at the middle of Mount Pillar.

She ordered the assimilation of Raznus in an assassination attempt against Maxxor. It failed, although this resulted in Raznus negotiating the Overworld - Danian alliance during the M'arrillian war.

During the war with the Marillians, she was trapped in Mount Pillar which was under siege at the time. But then when Aa'une was defeated, all of the Marillians fled so Illexia and the hive were saved.

Illexia abdicated her throne, leaving it to the young queen Aszil. After that with the blessing of the new queen she and a group of Danians including Lore and his students and most if not all of the infectionests. Illexia was given a new status to reflect her new position; the Elder of the Nest.

Underr Illexia's leadership, the Nest of the Ancestors will focus its research on Infection and Ancestral Calling, while the Mount Pillar nest will turn its attention to the Elements under the guide of Queen Aszil and High Elementalist Tassanil.

To make sure the Danians of the Nest of the Ancestors are distinguishable from the Mount Pillar Danians, Illexia ordered the molting and metamorphosis of all Danians who moved from Mount Pillar. Through a Parasite-induced molting process, thousands of Danians underwent metamorphosis and became one with the Nest of the Ancestors.

The Card

Shows Her in what looks like a Throne, with a fierce look and many Danian Guards.

Stat Courage Courage :
50 (40–60)
Stat Power Power :
65 (55–75)
Stat Wisdom Wisdom :
65 (55–75)
Stat Speed Speed :
25 (15–35)
Energy :
55 (50–60)
Adjacent Creatures gain "Defender"

When a mandiblor or infected creature goes to the discard pile, Illexia gains Mug-d.

Mug-d: Activate Hive until the end of the turn.

Hive: Mugic counters on Illexia count as Mandiblors you control.

Loyal, Unique

With the highest amount of different abilities on one card so far in the game, Illexia has infinite uses. Whilst Chaor or Maxxor might be seen as the most powerful fighter, Illexia is possibly the most versatile support creature.

In the Show


# Episode Used in BattleDrome? Appearance in Perim?
38 Big Time No Yes


  • Big Time
  • Dangers of Diplomency (Mentioned)
Cards/ Scans
  • Sarah
  • Illexia Elder of the Nest Art
  • Illexia art

Shadow Illexia

In the video game Chaotic: Shadow Warriors, Queen Illexia was knocked unconscious by the Shadow Creatures and the Danian Tribe was almost taken over by the Shadow Illexia who captured Chaor. After Shadow Illexia's defeat, Chaor was released by Tom, Kaz, Peyton, and Sarah.


Use Song of Mandiblor with her hive ability. If your infect all the opponents 6 creatures, and with 5 of each players beat, she will gain a HUGE boost in stats.

have your front line as Madiblor and your second line as creatures boosted by many Mandiblors being on the field, use all your creatures mugic counter accept Illexia's to infect the opposing teams creatures, start with the ones on the back line. Equip the front line with Battle gear that gives them swift, have them attack the opponents weaker creatures like muges ni their back line, killing as many as you can and then have them attack the opponents front line and die,, by this point Illexis should have 6 Mugic counters and their should be 3 Mandiblors on the field, affectivly meaning with the hive active your Nobels should get a HUGE boost to power.

Notes and References

  1. Information on nest of the ancestors comes from the ultimate guide to all things Chaotic
  2. She is the first card that makes a reference to the Infect and Defender abilities.


  • Illexia was one of the only two tribe leaders that was not released in the Dawn of Perim booster set. She was, however, later released in the Zenith of the Hive booster pack.

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