1)Infraction: Spamming. Eg writing random things such as "shsjbfhfdshgsgfyj" on a page or posting things that are not relevant to the page or Chaotic

1a) Posting your opinions about the pages subject on any page but the talk page 1b) Creating a page which would wok better on a talk page, blog page or forum. This will not be punished but it will be deleted after about a week.

Punishment: Depending on the amount of Spam 1 week to a year repeated infractions will incur a higher penelty

2)Infraction: Vandalism. Eg writing curse words or insults on a page, creating a page that insults people or the Wiki in general Etc. Similar to Spamming but uses inappropriate language and the like.

2a) Altering a users talk page or profile will earn you a huge punishment unless there was a very good reason.

Punishment:Vandals will NOT be tolerated if you vandalize you will be most likely perma-banned.

3)Infraction: Impersonation. Eg altering another user's comments on a talk page, forum post or creating a username that is close to someone else's and attempting to convince people that he is that person.

Punishment:Altering someone else's forum post will receive a light punishment of 1 to 7 days depending (it may be increased if it comes under the terms of Spam or Vandalism). Actively attempting to pretend to be someone will result in perma-banning of the impersonation account and temporary banning of all accounts with that IP. Altering someone personal profile page will result in perma-banning.

There are other ways you can get banned but these will always get you in trouble. If you have any suggestions post them on the talk page.

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