Interlude Of Consequence
185-Interlude Consequence
Card Information
Card Number Dawn Of Perim-83
Card Type Mug Mugic— Generic
Rarity Super Rare2.4
Televisual Information
First appearance Eye of the Maelstrom
Last appearance Fighting Friendly


"The interlude of Consequence Mugic scrambles your attacks!"
―Kaz/Bloot to Tom/Najarin, Fighting Friendly

Mugic Info

The Interlude of Consequence can throw a Chaotic match into instant unpredictability. This Generic Mugic not only allows you to alter the Attack order of an opponent, it also gives you the potential to change where a battle occurs. The Mugic appears as geometric layers through which flows a blur of Mugical force. Used wisely, Interlude of Consequence can help you gain the upper hand in a battle. Many Creatures find the Interlude’s melody to be very moving and know the sound of it by heart.

Card Information

The Interlude of Consequence allows a Player to reshuffle an Attack or Location deck in Chaotic.


Shuffle target Attack deck or Location deck
In desperate situations, turmoil and confusion can be one’s allies.

TV Show


  • This was the Mugic that the Mipedians Sacrificed in "Eye Of The Maelstrom"
  • Kaz used it on Tom in Fighting Friendly

Cards and Scans


  • Scaned it in eye of the Maelstorm


  • Scaned it in eye of the Maelstorm


  • Scaned it in eye of the Maelstorm


  • Scaned it in eye of the Maelstorm


"Sobtjek told me... it's special"
―Peyton, Eye Of The Maelstrom


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