Iron Pillar is a Location Card.


Iron Pillar is one of the many Pillars throughout the Underworld that keep it from being collapsed on. However, the Iron Pillar in particular is unstable and as such blamed for frequent quakes felt in the Underworld. To help keep the structure together, Khybon must constantly meld pieces to it- some whose magnetic properties are the reason behind ineffective Battlegear.


Iron Pillar is a gigantic structure made completely from metal. It is not sure what it is used for, but the constant quakes in the Underworld are thought to be cause by This once mighty prop. This location of the Underworld has being mostly taken apart by a group of Gigantropers who each had intelligence from Ulmar's brain. Now, Iron Pillar shows the top part of the location, but the bottom shows a huge Gigantotroper holding it up so the Underworld will not collapse. Before he can leave after he is done holding it up, Chaor used a rusty attack that turned the machine to stone or something to keep him holding up the location.

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Everything is in Flux

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