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Character Origins


Jumbad has contrasting emerald scales; the highlights and shadows are more visibly seen between the light and dark shades. Upon these scales are violet tattoos covering his body, as well as many shining Mugical markings, like other warpainters. His body is a muscular build, and has sets of horns on each side of his head. He wears a shiny black lioncloth with red outlines, surrounding his waist. On his ankles and wrists, he adorns matching red wraps, along with blue armored knee pads.

Background Information

It is unknown, however according to his card art, it appears to be that Jumbad was very resistant to the M'arrillians, as seen fighting one and cutting off a tentacle. Unfortunately he became a minion, perhaps to this M'arrillian.


Affiliations, Loyalties and Allies

He is loyal to the Mipedians and the M'arrillians.


His enemies are most likely non-Mipedians and non-M'arrillians.

Card Details

Basic Stats

Stat Courage Courage :
30 (20–40)
Stat Power Power :
25 (15–35)
Stat Wisdom Wisdom :
60 (50–70)
Stat Speed Speed :
75 (65–85)
Energy :
50 (45–55)


Mug-m: Target Creature gains 10 Stat Speed Speed and 10 Stat Wisdom Wisdom.

Brainwashed Mug-m: Target Creature loses 10 Stat Speed Speed and 10 Stat Wisdom Wisdom.

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