"Every Mandiblor aspires to be a Squadleader. So, even while Junda faces the enemy, he’s also watching his back."
―Junda's Flavor Text

Junda is a capable Danian Squadleader who leads his Mandiblor troops with great skill.


Junda is a fierce looking Danian Squadleader. His facial features are sharp and distinct and his exoskeleton is blood red, with golden markings.


Junda was trained at the exclusive Academy of Danian Mugic located deep beneath Mount Pillar. It was clear early on that Junda had a special talent for combat and leadership, as well as the ability to utilize Mugic. This earned Junda the rank of Danian Squadleader, and he now leads a small squad of Mandiblors. Though Junda is a Squadleader, he’s still very much a team player, relying on the skills and the will of the Mandiblors that he leads. Junda has the ability to use Mugical Energy to alert the Hive. This activates the Hive and boosts many of the Danians engaged in combat.

In the Show


# Episode Used in BattleDrome? Appearance in Perim?
27 An Easy Win Yes No
52 From the Deep (Part Two) No Yes
68 Perithon! No Yes

Card Owners




  • In the television show there is a juice called Junda Juice.