"Well at least my friends do community service by choice!"
―Jycella, Season 3,Worlds Apart

Character Origins



Jycella has blonde hair, and pink eyes. She wears an outfit almost identical to Krystella's, except in colour. Jycellas sweater is vibrant pink, and her capris are purple. Other than slight colour changes-and voice-she looks identical to Krystella

Background Information

Jycella is Krystella's twin sister, and a "Goodie-Goodie". Klay sets the twins up to a battle to decide who the better player is, and of course he picked the creatures: Aivenna and Nivenna. During the duel between Jycella and Krystella, it turned out that Klay gave Jycella a sabotaged BattleGear so that Krystella could win.

Personality and Behaviour

Jycella is described by her sister as the "Goodie Goodie" of the family. All her friends are nice, helpful people who care for everyone. Jycella seems to be quite emotional-almost breaking out into tears after an insult from Krystella-and has taken a liking to the main protagonists. Although less harsh then her sister, Jycella seems to be able to hold her own, and is just as good at fighting as Krystella.


Affiliations, Loyalties and Allies

Jycella appears to have a thing for Kaz. Hinted at by the amount of compliments she gives him, and the smiles she throws his way!


Jycella has a thing against her sister Krystella, and dislikes Klays lack of respect, and kindness.

TV Show



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"Well at least my friends do comunity service by choice!"
―Jysella on her sisters friends, Season 3, Worlds Apart
"I haven't done anything to my hair.What did you do with you manners?"
―Jycella to Klay, Worlds Apart



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