""You're funny, Kiru!""
―Kaal, Yesterdays Heroes

Kaal is a Past UnderWorld Creature

Creature Information

Kaal is an Underworlder from the past. Kaal often raided from Kiru Village and abducted Overworlders to work at what seems like the past Crystal Cave. He would force the captured Overworlders to dig for special crystals. Within the crystals are Vlaric Shard's, which is why Vlar risks going into Kaal's cave to get them. When Kaal was told that Vlar had taken some of the crystals he almost killed him and his companions. However, Kiru was able to bargain with Kaal who told him that if he were to bring him the Oraclon, he would free all the Overworlders. However, he did not keep this promise. What happened to him and his prisoners are currently unknown. It is assumed that Kiru eventually defeated him and freed the captives.


He looks like a giant made of lava and stone, like Magmon , Kreaal and Zapetur

The Card

Stats and Card text

Stat Courage Courage :
60 (50–70)
Stat Power Power :
95 (85–105)
Stat Wisdom Wisdom :
30 (20–40)
Stat Speed Speed :
60 (50–70)
Energy :
50 (45–55)
Fire 5.

[1MC]: Kaal does 5 damage to target Creature for each Creature you control on your opponent's side of the Battleboard.



TV Show

Card Owners

  • Kaz

Creature Appearances

  • Yesterdays Heroes
  • A Gigantic Mission (seen in oraklon)
  • Threshold Of Destruction (Mentioned only)




  • Due to the fact that Tom went to the past Riverlands and they are quite close to each other it seems more likely this is a different location.
  • Kaal could have possibly been the original ruler of the underworld before kiru defeated him.

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