Kannen is a Danian Creature.


Kannen is a has two legs and 4 arms. He is purple and he have long black hair. Often he wears tattered looking dark robes.


Kannen is one of the Danian Battlemasters. He used to be a Mandiblor which is basically the lowest class of danians. He like all other Danians, lives in Mount Pillar (Originally known as Pillar Mountain). Kannen is skilled in Mugic's and he can activate Hive ability and is always a great asset to the Danians as well as the player who use them. He can boost the ablities of other Danians as well. Now not much is known about the original Kannen because when Chaotic USA entertainment created the Now or Never site (Its been removed now, sadly), they only released information about the danians that involved their images and flavor texts. Kannen has four arms that come in handy in any situation he is in because of his many skills he has, as well as the ability they give him.

Character History

The Card

Stat Courage Courage :
25 (15–35)
Stat Power Power :
20 (10–30)
Stat Wisdom Wisdom :
70 (60–80)
Stat Speed Speed :
25 (15–35)
Energy :
40 (35–45)
Mug-d: Activate Hive until the end of the turn.

Sacrifice Kannen: Return a Mandiblor card from your discard pile to any open space.

"My life is my tribe!" -Kannen


"My life is my tribe!" - Kannen

In the Show


# Episode Used in BattleDrome? Appearance in Perim?
36 Dual, Duel (Part Two) Yes No


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Card Owners

  • Sarah
  • Peyton (Mega Match)


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