Katarin is an OverWorld Creature.


Katarin is a humanoid gazelle female. She wears a green almost plant like out fit, and has huge horns on the sides of her head. She also has long flowing blue hair; in season 2, it resembles dreadlocks.



Katarin is briefly seen being Coded in Kaz's drome match with the ChaotiKings.

Chaotic Crisis

During Kaz's dream, when the creatures start appearing in Chaotic, Katarin can be seen with Maxxor's group.

Eye of the Maelstrom

Katarin appears in Najarin's castle as they learn the Mipedians headed for the Eye are to be ambushed by UnderWorlders. She is told she cannot join, but wishes she could.

Putting the Muge in Mugic

Katarin was sent to Broken Edge to handle the Mipedians attempting to claim Broken Edge. She is shown to be on Najarin's side when Hune Marquard offers the Surge Song mugic. At the end of the episode, she helps clean the ruined camp and spots Najarin arriving to speak with Tangath.

# Episode Used in BattleDrome? Appearance in Perim?

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22 ChaotiKings Yes No 29 Chaotic Crisis No No (Chaotic, dream only} 39 Eye of the Maelstrom No Yes 57 Putting the Muge in Mugic No Yes



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