Kelvedran is a Danian Creature. It resembles a Red Ant with Wings.

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He looks like a Red and Gold Mandiblor with blue tinted insect wings.


He and the Queen's Royal Guards are the only Danians with the unique feature of having wings. He spends a lot of time guarding The Hive at Oiponts Lookout, an unique place that gives air element creatures the earth element and when hive is active, it gives danian creatures the air element(meaning that when the hive is active, any danian creature will have at least air and earth elements).

Character History

The Card

It shows Kelvedran Flying for an attack.

In the Show


# Episode Used in BattleDrome? Appearance in Perim?
49 Time's Up Yes No
53 From the Deep (Part Two) Yes No


  • Tale of two Toms
  • Episode

Card Owners

Character History

Kelvedran is probably the Queens choice against creatures with earth or fire attacks, and because of this, Kelvedran is probably one of the strongest of the Queens guards.


It is the first danian creature with wings and element Air, and the first card to introduce the Elemental Resistance Abilities.

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