Kerric is an UnderWorld Creature who resembles as insect.


Kerric looks much like a dragonfly with a mosquito-like nose.


Kerric is a scout, his surveillance skills work well when he guards the Cordac Falls Plungepool.

Character History

Kerric's nemesis is the aoverworlder Owis. Possibly do to an encounter in their past. It's also possible that he feels jealous of Owis to strong for him to beat in a previous battle.

In the Show

Kerric apears to know Kaz well, and once offerd to allow the boy to scan him. He didn't take it well when Kaz should no interest in scanning him, and forced Kaz into a river as a means to get back at him for his dismissiveness’.


# Episode Used in BattleDrome? Appearance in Perim?
17 Scavenger Scan No Yes



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