Card Information
Card Number Forged Unity-#29
Card Type Creature —

Mip Mipedian Warbeast

Rarity Urare Ultra Rare
Artist 0000
Biograhpical Information
Gender Male
Eye colour White/Purple
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Loyalty It's current Conjuror, Mipedians
Enemy Enemy of it's current Conjuror, M'arrillians

?OverWorlders? ?UnderWorlders? ?Danians?

Inhabits ?
Preferred Location(s) The Location Where it Was Conjured
Preferred BattleGear ?
Televisual Information
Portrayed by Unknown
First appearance Unknown
Last appearance Unknown
Appears in Unknown


"This...this is too much."
―Sotjeck, Khorror's flavor text

Character Origins

Khorror was created by Mipedian Conjurors to beat back the M'arrilians. He is immensly powerful, but is the most reckless Mipedian to date. It is thought he is extremely hard to conjuror due to the fact 4 conjurors have to conjor it.


Khorror is deep purple, and his overall appearance is a humanoid torso with a snake tail in place of legs. He has white markings on his skin, powerfull claws, ram-like horns, and a stubby snout. His maw is filled with giant, serrated teeth.

Background Information

Khorror was most likely created during the second war with the M'arrilians by Mipedian Conjurors in order to defeat them. He most likely is a new Warbeast as his Flavor text suggests it.


Affiliations, Loyalties and Allies

The Mipedian Conjurors, Mipedians, and at some point, the Tribal Alliance until the alliance was broken.


The M'arrilians, as he was created to defeat them. Though after the war, the Mipedians may choose to use him against the Danians.

Card Details

Stat Courage Courage :
Stat Power Power :
Stat Wisdom Wisdom :
Stat Speed Speed :
Energy :
Mug Mugic Counters : 0


Recklessness 50

Unique, loyal

I realize the battle is necessary, but this... this is too much. Even if we win the war, Perim is doomed.

Release and Promotion

TV Show


Cards and Scans


"quote text"
―attribution, episode



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Give This guy a stone mail, so he'll have a huge amount of energy and his recklessness will loose his recklessness, or have two ravita flowers and Appelia and Gaffta-ra tto defend Appelia sacrific the ravita flowers as an alternative method of removing his recklessness for khorror and Appelia is defended by Gaffta-ra

If you are lucky enough to find the attack Slashclaw and use it with Khorror you will have easily the highest damage of any attack in the game dealing a massive 105 energy damage, this is enough to destroy every base creature in the game accept Khorror himself. 14:33, March 16, 2010 (UTC)Marcus Alexander Neufeld206.45.116.209 14:33, March 16, 2010 (UTC)

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