"Welcome, friends, to Kiru City!""
―Kiru, Hotekk's Challenge, Part 2
Kiru was a Past UnderWorld Creature. He's the ancestor of Chaor.

Creature Information

Kiru was one of the greatest OverWorlders in history, saviour of many and founder of both Kiru Village (later Kiru City) and UnderWorld City. He was one of Chaor's ancestors.

One day Tom, Kaz , Peyton and Sarah used Dranakis Threshold to travel back in time (though they didn't realize it at first). They were soon brought to Kiru Village where they met its leader, Kiru. Later, Tom returned in order to learn more about past events. While there he was tricked into helping a thief named Vlar (ancestor of Maxxor) which interrupted Kiru's peace negotions with Kaal, a creature who often raided Kiru Village.

Kaal specified that he would only free his OverWorld slaves if they retrieved for him the Oraklon. Kiru later risked his own life to save Vlar. Vlar then returned the favor by helping Kiru and his group escape Gigantempopolis.

Kiru later founded UnderWorld City and became an enemy of Najarin and the OverWorlders, how or why is a mystery.


Kiru is for the most part a purple-blue version of Chaor matching him physically, though in his television appearance his face somewhat resembles Maxxor.

The Card

Stats and Card text

Stat Courage Courage :
Stat Power Power :
Stat Wisdom Wisdom :
Stat Speed Speed :
Energy :
When Kiru wins combat put a Leadership counter on it.

Other Creatures you control have an additional 10 Energy for each Leadership counter on Kiru.


TV Show

Card Owners

Creature Appearances

  1. Hotekk's Challenge Part 2
  2. Yesterdays Heroes
  3. A Gigantic Mission
  4. Threshold of Destruction

Picture Gallery

Overworld - Gullo, Kiru, Korg, Neerig, Woost, Vlar, Tom, Kaz
Overworld - Kiru, Rav, Korg, Rokkus, Neerig, Abohan


  • The scan of him in the TV show labels him as a OverWorlder.

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