Kiru City is a Location Card. It is the current form of Kiru Village

Kiru City
Card Information
Card Number dawn of perim-219/232
Card Type Loc Location
Rarity Rare Rare
Geo-political Information
Resides in overworld
Televisual Information



This city is the capital of the OverWorld and the home of the leader of the OverWorld Maxxor.

All the key decisions concerning the fate of the OverWorld Tribe are made within its thick walls. There has never been a successful attack on this magnificent metropolis. The tower of Maxxor's palace is visible from miles away. The Museum of Perim is famed for its many priceless treasures. Kiru City Armory is also worth a stop. Access is restricted, but Bodal will gladly give you a tour. There are many hidden passages and tunnels in Kiru City.


The Card

Works well with any OverWorlder and creatures with high Wisdom.

In the Show

In the show, it is named after the UnderWorlder Kiru, who was first an OverWorlder. But why Kiru abandoned this city is yet to be known.

Card Owners

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Bodal's Armory is located in this city.

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