Kiru Village is a location that exists in the past OverWorld. Kiru built this village for unknown reasons and it is the past of Kiru City. It is ruled by Kiru, Chaors' ancestor and is the home of the Overworld tribe. Kaal is known to raid the village and capture its people to work in his Valrium mines from time to time. As the past version of Kiru City it has a similar ability but wheras Kiru City give overworlders an additional 10 energy Kiru Village gives past creatures an +10 energy boost.


Kiru, M'earring, Najarin, Afjak, Korg,


It resembles a normal rual village and is built on a mountain.


Though still known as Kiru City in the past, the small size compared to today's Kiru City leads folks to refer to it affectionately as a village.

Despite its humble array of huts and dirt roads, it was home to many Overworlders.

Kiru Village was named after Kiru, the ancient leader of the Overworlders. Even from its earliest days, Kiru Village faced threats from the outside, particularly from the Underworld. The nefarious Kaal often attacked the small village, capturing many of its citizens.

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Past Creatures have an additional 10 Energy
"Yes, Chaors ancestor was one of the greatest OverWorlders of all time. Im proud he was my friend, despite what he ultimately became"

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