Character Origins

"If you find yourself seeing eye-toeye with Klasp, it means you previously had not"


Klasp looks like a green version of Pac Man, with very sharp teeth and eyes inside his mouth. He has two arms with mitten-like hands and two legs with a pair of velociraptor-like feet.

Background Information

Personality and Behaviour

Considering his eyes are in his mouth, his quote implies that Klasp is not much of a talker.


Affiliations, Loyalties and Allies



Other tribes

Card Details

Basic Stats

Stat Courage Courage :
55 (65—75)
Stat Power Power :
95 (90—105)
Stat Wisdom Wisdom :
25 (20—30)
Stat Speed Speed :
65 (60—70)
Energy :
65 (60—70)



Given his exceptional stats (Courage between 65-75 Power between 90-105) Wisdom between 20-30) and speed between 60-70) and his high energy (60-65) he is an excellent candidate to equip Stone Armour to, to make a very bulky tank with good stats, an element and no recklessness.

Release and Promotion

TV Show


# Episode Used in BattleDrome? Appearance in Perim?
23 Stelgar Strikes Yes No
4 Colosseum Showdown No Yes


In a showdown with Ghuul

Cards and Scans

Seen battling SamShady as Ettala in episode Stelgar Strikes


"If you find yourself seeing eye-to-eye with Klasp, it means you previously had not." -Card Text



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