This article is about the original Mipedian, Kolmo for the version of him after assimilation by the Danians see Kolmo, Assimilated for the version of him after being restored see Kolmo Purified.

"Lucky for you I like humans. But interfere again and my next attack will be a coil crush."
―Kolmo to Sarah, Big Time

Kolmo is a Mipedian Elite whose mission took him deep into Mount Pillar. It didn't end well, and he was assimilated under Queen Illexia's orders.

Character Origins

Name Origin


Kolmo resembles a humanoid chameleon and is dressed in a loincloth, belt, and a conical helmet.

Background Information

Kolmo is a Mipedian Elite who has mastered the art of Invisibility: Disarm and a host of other stealthy abilities. Kolmo has made it his life's work to spy on the Danians since the Infection began. Prince Mudeenu recently sent Kolmo on a secret mission to assasinate all of the Danian Nobles, most importantly Illexia, the Danian Queen in an attempt to halt the spread of the Infection. He could not and was caught and became a Danian himself. He eventually discovered how to control the power of the hive and in turn learned most of the Danian secrets.

He eventually was disinfected and became a Mipedian again, keeping full knowledge of the Danian powers.

Personality and Behaviour

He acted respectful towards Prince Mudeenu when reporting to him. And he mentioned he likes humans so he may be more friendly when not on a mission.

Affiliations, Loyalties and Allies

Kolmo is incredibly loyal to his Mipedian leader, Prince Mudeenu. He respects his fellow Tribe members, but prefers to work alone.

In the episode Big Time, Kolmo voices his opinion that he does like humans, but will not allow them to interfere with his "work".

Card Information

Basic Stats

Stat Courage Courage :
Stat Power Power :
Stat Wisdom Wisdom :
Stat Speed Speed :
Energy :


Invisibility: Disarm

If opposing engaged Creature is a Danian Noble, Kolmo gains "Invisibility: Strike 20."


Swift 1


Insight on Card Abilities

Kolmo is a devastating force on the Battleboard. With his “Range” and “Swift 1” abilities, he can attack an opponent’s second row Creatures if he is placed in your front row. Equipping him with a Windstrider will allow him to attack any Creature in your opponent’s Army on your first turn. If Kolmo is engaged with a Danian Noble, he gains “Invisibility: Strike 20” which is almost always more than enough to win the combat. Unless Kolmo’s Invisibility is negated, he will “Disarm” his opponent’s Battlegear, rendering it useless for that combat. Kolmo is skilled with the Air Element and is best played with an Attack Deck containing many Air Attack Cards.



The Animated Series

In the animated series, Kolmo is mistakenly called "Skulk."


# Episode Used in BattleDrome? Appearance in Perim?
38 Big Time No Yes
42 Dangers of Diplomacy No Yes

Kolmo was sent by Prince Mudeenu to capture Illexia the Danian Queen via a Flux Bauble. Using his invisibility and Toxic Gust attacks, Kolmo made it passed the guards. Sarah alerted four guards of his appearance via a Spectral Viewer, but Kolmo swiftly apprehended them. Before Sarah could escape with her scanner, Kolmo fired a Web-Cocoon attack and wrapped her hands, mouth, and entire body from head to feet. As he made his way into the Queen's chamber, Kolmo turned off his invisibility, but was ambushed and apprehended by Vollash and his guards. Now a prisoner of the Danians, Queen Illexia ordered for Kolmo to be transformed into a Danian.

Kolmo, just before his assimilation (though his post-assimilation form is almost identical), can be seen in the Chaotic: M'arrillian Invasion intro.

Kolmo makes a brief appearance in the Chaotic: M'arrillian Invasion episode "Dangers of Diplomacy," as a member of Odu-Bathax's squad that monitors ambassador Raznus to ensure his safe return to Kiru City. Along with Odu-Bathax and three Danian soldiers battle with the Underworlders Krekk and Illazar at the Girgeth Springs and give Raznus, along with Tom and Kaz, time to escape.


  • 'Your lucky I like humans, but get in my way again, and my next attack will be a Coil Crush!" - Kolmo from Big Time.
  • 'If you'll excuse me I have a Queen to capture." - Kolmo, from Big Time.


  • In the episode Big Time Kolmo is depicted as the first to be captured by the Danians and infected, though the infection is not shown within season one.
  • Later, in the season two episode Dangers of Diplomacy, a Danian mandiblor with clear Mipedian characteristics (lizard tail, scales) is visible. This is possibly Kolmo post-assimilation.
  • In the episode Big Time, when the kids are discussing events, Kolmo is refered to as Skulk.

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