"Of the High Muges who helped raise the city, Seeryn warmed to Kopond and his inclination for destructive mugic."
―, Seeryn's Flavor Text

Kopond is an UnderWorld Creature and the high muge of the UnderWorld

Creature Information

His manipulative and sinister personality results in there being few he trusts enough to call friends. However, he is loyal to Chaor and remains a sworn enemy of Lord Van Bloot.

Despite their proximity to the Lava Pond, Kopond and the Pyrogenousists were strangely absent when the M'arrillian invasion forces flooded it. Regardless, Kopond and the Pyrogenousists stayed on Chaor's side throughout the M'arrillian conflict.


The Pyrogenousists don embroidered orange robes, and, as their leader, Kopond naturally wears his at all times. His green eyes and bright robe constitute sharp contrasts to his gothic gray skin.