""We don't care how we win""
―Krystella to Kaz And Tom, Duel Duel Part 2

Krystella is one of the main antagonists of the Chaotic TV Series. Her Chaotic codename is currently unknown.

Character Origins

The name, Krystella, comes from Latin words for crystal, gems and ice. The latter fits well with her "ice queen" personality.


Krystella has brunette hair,a purple sweatshirt and blue capris. In M'arrilian Invasion her cheek bones are visible, including her naval, which gives her the appreance that she is somewhat older then she appears(early 30 or mid 20s).In season 1, Krystella often looked pale and sickly.

Background Information

Krystella is one of less honorable players of Chaotic, nicknamed a "witch" by Peyton. She appears to have connections in the Underworld. When Tom and Kaz ruined one of her business trades, she allied herself with Klay in hopes of making their lives miserable. In Chaotic: Secrets of the Lost City, it is revealed that she has a twin sister, named Jycella, who claims that Krystella is a bully who skips detentions and beats up 5th graders. Also, she does community service because she's bad.

At first, Keystella seemed to hate her sister, going as far as to send her to a location she could have easily been killed in after winning a bet. Their relationship may have changed the slightest bit since Krystella told Jycella she accidently cheated and had her port to Ulmar's lab to help get a scan of some battlegear Klay wanted, after ruining it of course, for revenge on Klay for giving Jycella a scan of damaged battlegear. Or Krystella could be the reason Jycella was never seen after that.

Personality and Behaviour

She doesn't care who suffers when she gets her way, sometimes she even enjoys knowing her actions will cost others their lives, making her very sadistic. Her sadistic sense of pleasure seems be rubbing off on Klay.


Affiliations, Loyalties and Allies

During "Everything is in Flux", she initiated a friendship with Klay, after she bugged Kaz discussing strategy with Tom, to get revenge on them for spoiling her plan.


She has frequently shown antagonism towards Tom, Kaz and Peyton; the latter most notably during the episode "BattleDrome of the Sexes". It is yet unknown if she has the same adverse attitude towards Sarah, although it can be presumed by her friendship of Klay and Sarah's friendships to Peyton, Tom and Kaz; that this is the case. During BattleDrome of the Sexes", Sarah was apathetic to either Peyton or Krystella winning their boys vs. girls challenge, dismissing it as childish.

TV Show


Real Cards/Scans in Krystella's BattleTeam

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Enemies And Allies


""Whats SHE doing here?!""
―Krystella about Jycella, Worlds Apart



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