Short Summary

The Codemasters have initiated an emergency order to recall all Chaotic Players and shut down the Transport System. Meanwhile, on Perim Tangath Toborn leads a group to Glacier Plains to attack the M'arrillian bases while M'arrillian Coral Fighters led by Phelphor surround Kiru City at the same time, Maxxor plans to go the M'arrillian city of M'arr to capture Aa'une and bring him to Lake Blakeer (a location that disrupts M'arrilian mind-control) to negotiate a peace treaty. Then Tom, Sarah, and Peyton encounter Najarin who tells them that there may be a traitor among the ally's.


Cast and Crew

Episode Notes

Airdates and Ratings


Discontinuity, Goofs, Plot Holes and Errors

Allusions, References and Appearances




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