Lava Pond is a Location Card.


One of the most dangerous Locations in the UnderWorld, the bubbling Lava Pond has claimed many combatants. Creatures who excel at Fire Attacks like to battle there. Magmon is especially strong at the pond which is his home.

There are periods when the Lava Pond is relatively calm and others when there are constant eruptions. It was during one such “active” period that Maxxor and Chaor had one of their first battles. Maxxor had come to rescue another OverWorlder who was being held prisoner at the pond. It was a trap. Chaor was waiting for Maxxor, armed with a Whepcrack. The fighting was furious, but both rulers were forced to retreat when a massive series of eruptions threatened to engulf them.

Later during the battle against the M'arrillians, Milla'iin conquered the Lava Pond turning it into the first of the M'arrillian footholds. Its current status is unknown.


The Lava Pond is a bubbling lake of lava surrounded by volcanoes of varying sizes,it is hot and still. Air Attacks are weaker there, while Fire Attacks have extra sizzle! So far takinom is the only creature that was able to go in and out of a lava pool, coughing out smoke, in Over under rent assault at the lava pond.


The most notable resident of the Lava Pond is Magmon.

The Card


Initiative: Speed
Fire attacks deal an additional 5 damage.

Damage dealt by Air attacks is reduced by 5.

Magmon gains "Fire 5"

Milla'iins foothold

Initiative: Power
When this becomes the active location, each player reveals a Random mugic card from their hand. Cards with the same name as the revealed cards may not be played this turn.

M'arrillians and Minions take 5 less damage from Mugic and Abilities.

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It is the first name of a location mentioned in the series, in episode "Welcome to Chaotic Part 1"


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